Daisy, McRae & Esme

Local Writer Pens Praise

Puppy Socialization School:

We are big dog people, but when our grand-daughters decided that our Bouvier needed a Bichon-Shih Tzu companion, wMadeleine and Lena with Daisye agreed on the condition that the grand-daughters take Daisy to Puppy Socialization class at Dog's Den Training School. It was a wonderful experience for these very young dog-owners, and a very useful experience for our very young, feisty puppy. Barbara Lloyd is endlessly patient with all her clients (both human and canine) and she's never too busy to answer an individual question or address an individual problem. We thank Barbara for getting Daisy and her owners, Madeleine and Lena off to a splendid start.

Individual Assistance:

When my husband and I lost our first Bouvier a year ago, we deliberated long and hard about buying another Bouvier. We love the breed, but we remembered only too well how 'challenging' McRae had been iSlideshow of family photos with dogsn the first year of her life, and we wondered if we were up to another year of chewed furniture and contests of wills. Our loving memories of McRae defeated our prudence, and Esme, arrived in our life a year ago last November. She was, like all puppies, adorable, but like all Bouviers she was also strong of body and strong of will. We were beginning to wonder if we'd made a terrible mistake, when we invited Barbara Lloyd to come over and give us (and Esme) individual instruction. The change in Esme was nothing short of miraculous. We are so grateful to Barbara for helping us to find the inner angel in our lovely Bouvier.

Gail Bowen

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