Expert Witness Testimony

We provide Expert Witness Testimony, Assessment and Evaluation of dogs involved in Dangerous Dog Hearings and Civil Law Cases involving dog bites.

Due to her extensive knowledge in the area of Dog Behaviour and Canine Aggression, Barbara Lloyd is recruited and recognized as an Expert Witness by lawyers who are members of the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association.

Barbara has testified in both Municipal and Court of Queens Bench Trials as an Expert Witness with respect to Dangerous Dog Hearings and Civil Cases involving dog incidents, attacks and bites.

Services available are:

  • A detailed assessment and evaluation of the alleged attacker.
  • Review of all hospital reports, plaintiff/defendant/witness statements and photos.
  • An explanation of the severity of the attack with respect to dog behaviour regarding the level of bite sustained and if the dog showed any bite inhibition or not.
  • A statement will be provided indicating if the dog would be classified as a dangerous dog to the community at large or if the incident was possibly provoked or just plain and simple an accident.
  • Work with Counsel to make certain the right questions are asked regarding dog behaviour in Trial and Litigation scenarios to ensure proper understanding of dog behaviour.
  • Expert Witness Testimony

To contact Barbara for a consultation regarding Expert Witness Testimony please email The Dog's Den or phone The Dog's Den Training School at (306) 586-7756 in Regina, Saskatchewan.